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Yes, no, maybe food.

Updated: May 11, 2018

When it comes to food choices during competition prep your brain instantly goes to chicken, broccoli, rice, and then repeat for weeks and weeks and finally vomit at the thought of ever eating chicken again when you are finally done. This is semi-accurate. I have a yes, no, maybe policy I when it comes to meal prepping.

Yes foods. These are what you typically think of. Plain, boring foods everyone takes pictures of while on prep and posts to their Instagram and you go ew, gross to. I call these meals Yes foods because they are basic, plain, and easy to log in order to count macros. That is very important when meal prepping is being able to accurately log your macros.

Below are images of my Yes Foods that I have made during this 2018 prep. Yes, pancakes are includes because you can log 100% of it!

(Left to Right) Grilled chicken and broccoli, 97% lean ground turkey bean noodle spaghetti, Kodiak dark chocolate pancakes with PB and sugar-free syrup, and low carb turkey wraps.

No food. Aside from sweets, deep fried foods, and bad carbs, this includes your very dynamic meals. Meals that typically require a lot of ingredients and are really hard to accurately calculate your macros. Dishes like casseroles, lasagna, and other complex meals. If I can't accurately track it, its a no food. I stopping making and eating these types of meals when I am about 10 out.

Maybe food. This is a beautiful gray area I enjoy too much because of sites like and These are meals that let you accurately log at least 90% of the macros in the dish. I will cut/ stop making these types of meals when I am 3 weeks out from my show because at that point I need to be able to log 100% of everything I intake.

Below are images of my Maybe foods. These are meals I prepped from 10 weeks until 3 weeks out. They are classified as maybe because I could not accurately log the sauces.

First photos are lean ground turkey meat balls to make General TSO's dish with riced cauliflower and broccoli. The second photo is a Tuscan Chicken casserole. Both dishes are from and they are amazing and boyfriend approved. Recipes here.

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