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Spring Pack -Cle Brownie Company

FINALLY was able to try the @clebrownieco spring variety pack! In order with my favorite first..

1️⃣ The Main Squeeze. Think 3 ingredients, lemon, butter, and white chocolate. It was AMAZING. The while chocolate compliments the lemon so well. Perfect balance of sweet and tart. Best of both worlds coming together. It is a blondie base brownie.

2️⃣ Bug Bunny. Carrot cake with cream cheese bits from these little sandwich cookies throughout it and it’s topped with spices and candies pecans. VERY good. Very filing and homey tasting. 

3️⃣ The Picasso. I honestly thought this would be my least favorite and I ended up loving it. It was by far the softest brownie too. Melt in your mouth, gooey. It has a layer of icing that I couldn’t get enough of. This is by far the sweetest one of them all. It’s a complete sugar rush if you’re into that and I 100% am.

4️⃣ Walk in the Park. It has a soft oatmeal taste to it, it’s very subtle from the oatmeal cookie dough in it. It has white chocolate and regular chocolate chips throughout it (my favorite part about this one) and it’s topped with trail mix. This brownie is balanced. It’s lightly sweet with some salty. Which is why for me it comes last, I’m a straight sweet person. This is more of Francis's style.

I froze these for 3 weeks and then de-thawed them. When I ate them, it was like they were just freshly baked. They freeze so well. I actually only de-thawed 1/2 of each brownie because they are monsters.

Their original variety pack is a dream. It’s the best of the best and they have it all year around! #brownies #dessert #foodie #powerlifting #OSFamily #ohiosportsandfitness #pushpull #bench #deadlift #squat #clegram #ohiogains #foodreview

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