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Protein Soufflé - 3 ingredients

Ran into a figure IFBB pro (she was our waitress) and she spilled some food secretes to me. This being one. It’s 3 ingredients.

1: egg whites

2: whey iso protein

3: water


1) In a cup that can be blended add egg whites, protein powder and water. I use 100 grams eggs whites, 2 scoops whey protein, and just tad bit of water, like 2/3 tablespoons.

2) Blend, you must use a blender.

3) Pour into a microwavable dish and microwave between 1-2 minutes. The time for this is dependent on how much liquid you have and the strength of your microwave. If you use my measurements do it for 1:30 and your center will still be liquid for dipping. Pay close attention as it cooks. Sides will fluff up, keep the center liquid.

It’s legit like chocolate lava cake. Egg whites do not taste like anything. Eggs are actually used for baking all the time and for frostings. The taste of this is the taste of whatever protein you use. The texture is whipped and angle cake like because you blend it first. The blending is important it makes the texture.

I make this before my workout as a my prelift meal. Full of protein and its MORE filling because the egg whites expand making it have more volume than it being just a liquid shake.

That’s it! 3 minutes, 3 ingredients. It’s liking have a desert. #foodsecrets #protein #becomebetter #1upnutrition #1uptransformationchallenge #foodie #chocolatelover @1upnutrition #1upnutrition #1uptransformation

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