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Confidence booster in just 11 days!

Updated: May 11, 2018

The sole purpose in this blog post is to boost your confidence in your bodies capabilities by showing you what I accomplished in just 11 days!

The photos included are just 11 days apart! My waist has continued to keep pulling in and my muscles keep defining. The changes I made to in order for this to happen were to continue carb cycling (read my previous blog post titled Tootles to old training and hello carb cycling to learn more about carb cycling) and we, my trainer and I, increased the intensity and reps in my training program.

Developing a plan and executing it to a 't' WILL give you results. Just look at my body composition difference in only 11 days. We planned we are executing, and next, we plan again for peak week!

Left photo is most recent in both comparisons.

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1 Comment

Wow you can really see a difference in your waist line! Good job!

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