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Glute Transformation

Photos speak for themselves so I will keep this brief.

Left is exactly one year ago before North Coast during peak week.

Right was today during my peak week for Mike Francois.


I am 5 pounds heavier now and we can see where it went.

My waist is the same in both pictures.

How I did this? Or how I think I achieved this?

I went out of my comfort zone this winter and gained weight. Far more than what I wanted to. About 8 pounds more. That doesn't seem extreme but on my frame it is. I put all the weight back on that I lost AND AN ADDITIONAL 8 pounds. So after that show I gained 20 pounds total. I was flabby, chubby, and tubby. I wasn't fat but I wasn't skinny. Also, I lifted as absolutely heavy as I could. I asked my boyfriend to build me two 6 week lifting programs (12 weeks total) to follow. One program was built and the other was based off of my progress from that initial first one.

Last year when I was in my off season I did not have a special plan to follow to help my body grow. I just continued lifting and running based on how I felt that day. I also did not gain any additional weight. I put back on maybe 10 pounds which as all I lost. So I went from being SUPER small and tight to just normal small.

The combination of the extra weight and having a lifting plan to follow made a huge difference and I wish I would have done it sooner.

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