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Measuring Progress.

When you are putting a lot of effort into something you want to see progress, in fact most of us NEED to see progress or else we will give up. Whether it’s cooking, weight loss, your job, art, singing etc. You seek progress. I’ve been measuring progress in a few different ways with this years 2019 prep. There are the obvious like my weight, my measurements, pictures, how clothes fit, and notches on my lifting belt.

I decided this year I wanted to measure something that was based on my physical ability/ strength and not just my appearance. So during my first week, February 1st, I did a bunch of body weight workouts and wrote down how many I was able to do. They were thing such as pull ups, unassisted dips, chip ups, and hanging straight leg ab raises.

At the end of my workout everyday (I try to do everyday) I choose one and do it. I have been consistently doing this for the past 14 weeks. I’m having fun seeing myself get stronger each week and also how much easier these movements are becoming.

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