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The Stumble(s) - Mike Francois 2019

As with everything in life, you must experience it all. All the highs and all the lows. I finally experienced what its like to stumble and shake like a rattle snake on stage.

This past weekend I competed in the Mike Francois show in Westerville Ohio. This was such a competitive show. I am very happy I chose to do this one rather than compete in Michigan. Michigan just doesn't produce very competitive shows and I wanted to go up against some lean tough girls, and I did. 20 of them.

I took 7th out of 20 girls in class B.

Probably could have gotten 4th if I wouldn't have almost fell twice. I was grilled, in the most loving fashion, by my boyfriend afterwards. It was deserved. I didn't clear my head. I was thinking about way too many things. I also do not like when my people come to watch me. It makes me 10X more nervous. So no more friends and family coming for now on or else I'll just have to travel far away for them so they can't come not matter what. Oh well.

Beyond the stumbles, I had some tanning issues on the back of my legs. I really need to be more cautious with my tan. Might start using the cup strategy when I go tinkle to save my hamstrings. Also used PB, rice cakes and little bit of chocolate cake for my pump and it worked great. However, I was not nearly dry enough. I need to do more experimenting with dropping water weight and drying out. I keep seeming to have this problem of looking watery on stage. I do the water overload method which water weight drops but then it seems as if my body starts holding onto it after i start tapering it down.

Overall, I had a lot of fun at the show. Second call outs due to being not lean enough, not dry enough, and acting like an elephant in high heels. Game plan for my next show? LEAN OUT AND BUILD FIGURE STATUS ARMS! For the next 2.5 months I will be will be working my ass off to maintain my current weight and physique. I have hired a trainer, Tom from Ohio Sports and Fitness, to train my arms once a week. I have very bad form, no mind muscle connection and no muscle memory in my upper body so the best plan of action to grow them is to hire someone to help me.

After that, I want to do an 8 week prep into the Kentucky Muscle. During those 8 weeks I would like to lose another 8-10 pounds. Wish me luck!

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