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Halloween 2019 - New Orleans

We just couldn't stay away. New Orleans, right now, is my favorite place in the United States. There just isn't any other place like it. Plus, its a nice reminder of Paris for me.

Here are some pictures from the trip including all the new restaurants we tried!

The first photo is on Devils Night on a walking tour called Killers and Thrillers, adults only. It was the BEST 60 bucks I ever spent. Tour was almost 2 hours long and our guide Jes was amazing. Francis and I are still telling our friends about that tour.

This was a new #breakfast joint we tried because our hotel (Le Meridian) concierge recommended we do. Its next to Jackson Square, you actually have a view of the square, its called Stanley's. We ordered #Benedict and Banana Fosters pancakes. I had oyster fried Benedict and Francis also had a nontraditional one as well. WE LOVED it. Plus, the views and atmosphere this place offers was well worth the walk there. You can see from the picture of Francis that the whole place is lined with large french windows. Highly recommend trying this place.

Of course every morning, except for the morning at Stanley's, we ate at the Ruby Slipper. I mean this place is hands down the best breakfast spot in the entire USA. Its worth noting that this time we tried both the locations, the one on Decatur and Magazine street, and the one on Magazine street is noticeably better if that is even possible.

The wait is 10X longer. I think the shortest wait time we had via Yelp was an hour and 10 minutes. I would recommend waking up and immediately reserving your sport via Yelp. By the time your up and dressed you table will be ready. It's worth every minute.

We were told by several people to try #Mothers, a restaurant which is conveniently located directly across the street from out hotel. So we tried it.....and hated it. I don't have any pictures of the food because once we got in there we didn't even want to order anything. We were already in line so we just ordered salads.

My salad had shrimp on it which was very good but the place just skeeved me out. I just couldn't get past the assembly line of food and how the food looked itself. Looked like 1800 war mush food. Maybe when I am feeling more brave I'll go back and try something.

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