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New Orleans, ringing in 2019!

New Orleans Louisiana exceeded my expectation!

On December 31 2018 Frank (my boyfriend) and I landed in NOLA! I've been dreaming of going here since 2009! It's filled with jazz, southern cuisine, history, magic, and the people are there interesting as the environment.

First and foremost, I don't honestly believe you can get a bad meal any where there and we ate everywhere. Fancy expensive restaurants, hole in the wall places, on bourbon street, at the casino buffet, breakfast and brunch places and it was all AMAZING.

New Orleans really did exceed my expectations. We celebrated Frank's birthday here as well as New Years! We rented and used our complimentary bicycles to get around. That is probably the smartest way to travel especially inside the French Quarter. Uber's range from 4-8 bucks but with all the traffic and people a 5 minute drive is more like 15 in a vehicle. On bikes 5 minutes is 5 minutes.

NOLA is full of history and its worth paying to take the tours and learn about the city. However if you want to take a bike tour, just rent a bike and then look up a bike tour on your own and go. You don't need to pay 50 plus to a company or person to provide you with a bike or guide.

Hands down, my second most favorite trip I have taken. It falls behind my trip to Paris, France....(if that can give you an idea of how awesome NOLA is).

Here are a few of the pictures from the trip!

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