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Jamaica YAH MON!

Not a PG 13 blog post mon!

Jamaica is a BEAUTIFUL place!

This was my favorite stop that we made on our week long cruise for Francis's birthday! We stopped here on New Years day January 1st, 2020!

The first thing I noticed while in Jamaica was that there are no rules. Anything and everything we did was kind thrown together and had no outline to follow. We wanted to go snorkeling and we just walked to up someone on the beach and asked who to talk to about going and then moments later a native Jamaican man was getting us ready to go. No waivers. No signatures. Nothing.

We had to rent snorkel gear which was the only 'process' we actually went through the whole time there. This experience is by far one of my favorites because it was so authentic. No one will be able to replicate what we did. It wasn't a shore excursion that anyone can sign up for and take and have a similar experience. This is what made Jamaica special to me, you can have authentic, original experiences here.

It is worth noting that Jamaica, outside of tourist areas, is very unsafe. We did venture out into the city and it was immediately apparent how unsafe we truly were. I would not recommend doing that.

We tried one meal here and I would say the food was so so. It had good flavor, however I don't think I am a fan of Jamaican dishes. They kind of remind me of slop. Take that for what its worth. Like I said, we only ate one meal here so I basing this solely off of that meal.

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