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My 8 Week Transformation!

I entered an 8 week transformation contest hosted by 1 Up Nutrition #1upnutrition ! I started on January 30th 2019 and ended March 30th 2019.

I entered this contest for 2 reasons. I needed a kick in the ass after the 3 week vacation I went on that included amazing cuisine from Atlantic City NJ, Williamsburg VA, New Orleans LO (best food I have ever had in my life), and the Bahamas. Secondly because I have started teaching an 8 week HIIT class at Ohio Sports and Fitness and I wanted to show all my class members that if I can do it, they can too!

The 8 weeks flew by and I was able to lose 10 pounds.10 pounds on my frame is a lot. The most significant changes you can see are from my waist up. My backside lost a LOT of fat as well as mt mid section, love handles and arms.

My diet completely changed in every way; it became extremely strict. Starting off with 3300 calories of very CLEAN healthy food for the first 4 weeks. After that it was slowly tapered down to 1800 calories. Most of the calories coming from protein and carbs.

My training didn't change a whole lot but my cardio did. 3 days of HIIT and one day Steady State for only 20 minutes. Those HIIT days played a big role in helping change my body composition and fat percentage. Cardio was changed about half way through like the diet. At 5 weeks the time for the HIIT sessions decreased and the time for Steady State increased.

Overall, I loved taking on this #1upnutritiontransformationchallenge ! I needed it and I needed to show my clients that it IS POSSIBLE and to be the best example I can be for them. Below is my 8 week difference check in photos with 1 Up! #BecomeBetter

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my 8 week transformation!

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