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What's my snack - front loading.

This blog is to walk you through my peak week. From food, to body changes, and mood. First, Don't be fooled by everyones meals posts. We don't eat meals we eat snacks, especially leading up to peek week. And yes, I mean snack. Fit in your hand snack that barely takes the edge off your hunger snack.

You can also refer to this week as pee week because you will for the better part of the week consume a gallon or more of water. Track your steps to the bathroom, you'll be surprised.

Depending on your body and how it works you will either end load or front load on food/ carbs. Front loading is when you spike your food Sunday and Monday and taper down into the week. End loading is when you stay low until the day or two before the show then you spike your food. I front load. Heres why.

I do not like how I FEEL mentally and physically when I end load. Period. I am in a skimpy bikini and the last thing I want is to physically and mentally feel bloated and full the day of my show because I loaded up on food the two days before. Because of this I choose to front load and tapper down through the week so that when I wake up the morning of my show I don't feel full and I can eat a small carb snack, typically oats, before stepping on stage to help pump and fill me out.

This is a photo of myself after front loading on carbs Sunday and Monday. You can see how tight my core is from the added carbs. When I have a little extra carbs before my show I will look like this again.

Tight core after front loading on carbs.

Next, you start to water cut on Wednesday. On Thursday you will cut even more and let me tell you, you NOTICE it and wish you were back to drinking a gallon and half. Oddly enough cutting water really sucks the energy right out of you. Its a mood killer for sure. It was incredibly hard to do my lifts with the lack of water. My body was really reacting to the cut which is what you want. That's the point of water cutting.

For the most however, peak week is smooth sailing. All the hard work is done by this point and the week only consists of simple isolated workouts, small snacks, water cutting, and check in pictures every morning. Examples of the food I eat are below. I eat the same thing everyday during this week. Egg whites, PB, spinach, broccoli, rice cakes, tuna, chicken, cottage cheese, and whey protein powder.

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