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Beef cakes, native tomato throwers, and no cuisine.

I'm a quarter of a center old and I finally made it to Florida!

This was a highly anticipated vacation for me and it lived up to ALMOST every expectation for one main reason, my travel companion aka beef cakes. I typically travel alone because if there is one thing I have learned about traveling and vacations is that if they are going to get ruined it won't be because of weather, bad food, or sun burns. It will be because of your travel companions.

To my delight I traveled with my boyfriend and another couple. He and I have the same interests and the same mindset when it comes to traveling and experiencing new things so having him with me on my first visit to Florida made the trip priceless.

Panama City Beach, Florida is beautiful and it's worth noting that we didn't meat a single unfriendly person while we were there. From making friends with a tomato throwing lady in a restaurant (she didn't like her unrip tomato slice on her burger so she decided to throw it) to sitting pool side making friends with people from Alabama. Everyone was extremely friendly including Hank, the pit bull.

The most memorable thing for me about PCB and is worth mentioning is the sand. PCB has the whitest, softest sand I have ever walked on. There are no rocks, tiny pebbles, or debris in the sand - anywhere. It's simply white, soft sand. Even next to the shore line where the waves crash up is clean. No left over murky water debris. It stays that was when you enter the ocean as well. I was shocked how clean the beach was and the water. Not even the water and beaches in Mexico were this clean.

The most disappointing factor about the trip was the food. We are foodies. We always find the best restaurants and of all the places that we ate they were all just average. So if you are looking for some outstanding cuisine while visiting PCB, good luck.

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